• Ferrum Highlighted in Teen Vogue


    "Ferrum is different than most irons, because of the VSS System which is a combination of a non-heated padded fabric element and a tourmaline coated ceramic plate. The fabric is a combination of lightweight, anti-static polymers that allows the hair to “breathe” while straightening. In combination with the pad, the styling result most closely resembles blow-drying; which tends to give hair exponentially more volume than flat-ironing. Since the fabric padded side is non-heated, the Ferrum styler doesn’t burn all the moisture out of the root of the hair giving it a much more vibrant, “bouncy” look. A flatiron will fry and dry out your hair between two solid hot plates. The Ferrum styler will allow your hair to rest or glide on a soft surface, allowing hair to breathe and retain more of its natural moisture, shine and volume. Visit their website for more information."

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